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Past Workshops




IWIPS 2000

Bourges-Waldegg, P.

Globalization: A Threat to Cultural Diversity?

Calderon, X.

IWIPS 2000 - Keynote

Chen, C-H. & W-D. Yeh

Human Factors for Product Localization – A Case Study

Day, D.

Gauging the Extent of Internationalization Activities

de Camp, J.

Cultural Aspects to Product Design: Case Studies in Exploring Means of Defining Cultural Differences in Order to Improve Product Design

de Souza, M. & P-H. Dejean

Cultural Influences on Design

Dunckley, L. & A. Smith

Cultural Dichotomies in User Evaluation of International Software

French, T. & A. Smith

Semiotically Enhanced Web Interfaces: Can Semiotics Help Meet the Challenge of Cross-Cultural Design?

Hall, B. & D. Webb

Globalization Skills – A Unique Niche in Great Demand

Honold, P.

Intercultural Usability Engineering: Barriers and Challenges from a German Point of View

Konkka, K. & A. Koppinen

Mobile Devices – Exploring Cultural Differences in Separating Professional and Personal Time

Pellet, A-P.

Developing World Ready Technology Products

Prabhu, G.V.

Cross-Cultural Design and Evaluation: Theory, Frameworks and Methodologies

Roese, K. & D. Zuehlke

Method of Culture-Oriented Design for Technical Products

Shaw, N.C.

Issues in Product Internationalization: Policies, Strategies and Trends in Globalization and Design

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