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IWIPS 2003

Abdelnour-Nocera, J., Hall, P. & L. Dunckley

Making Sense in Intercultural ERP Implementation

Almoumen, S. & I. Sommerville

Culture-Specific Method for the Analysis and Design of E-Commerce Systems

Bumeder, B., Dietz, E. & M. Sander

Cultural Repository – How Can Culture Be Integrated into an Engineering Portal?

Cyr, D., Bowes, J., Budd, J. & J. Ilsever

Managing E-loyalty through Experience Design: Cross Cultural Perspectives

Dray, S.M.

Usable for the World: A Practical Guide to International User Studies

Dray, S.M. & D.A. Siegel

Addressing the Digital Divide through User-Centered Design

Esselink, B.

Content Management and Translation – Two Worlds Together?

Evers, V.

Cross-cultural Aspects of User Understanding and Behaviour: Evaluation of a Virtual Campus Website by Users from North-America, England, the Netherlands and Japan

Hall, P., Lawson, C. & S. Minocha

Design Patterns as a Guide to the Cultural Localisation of Software

Hermeking, M.

Challenges in Software Localization: A Case Study of a European Educational Network

Hoft, N.

What is the Job of a Culture?

Hoft, N.

Writing and Designing for an International Audience

Ikonen, V., Suihkonen, R., Jalonen, K., Laitakari, I. & A. Salovaara

Developing Personal Navigation Products for Professionals – Methodological Perspective

Immonen, J. & J. Sajaniemi

Globalisation Practices in the Finnish Software Industry

Jokinen, P., Karimaki, K. & A-M. Kangas

Demanding Needs for Mobile Phones: A Qualitative User Study on the Young Urban Lower Middle Class in China

Kamentz, E. & T. Mandl

Culture and E-Learning: Automatic Detection of a User’s Culture from Survey Data

Law, L-C.

Challenges in Software Localization: A Case Study of a European Educational Network

Marcus, A., Baumgartner, V-J. & E. Chen

User-Interface Design vs. Culture

Marti, J. & C.H. Muller

Cross-Cultural Communication and Comprehensibility on Web Sites

O’Sullivan, P., Wallace, M. & N. Yousuf

A Software Model Approach to Accommodating Cultural Diversity in the Development of Multilingual Applications

Patil, B., Maetzel, K. & E.J. Neuhold

Design of International Textual Languages: A Universal Design Framework

Rossger, P.

An International Comparison of the Usability of Driver-Information-Systems

Shade, L.

Designing InDesign-J: A Case Study in Cross-Cultural Interface Design

Smith, A. & Y. Chang

Quantifying Hofstede and Developing Cultural Fingerprints for Website Acceptability

Tuffley, D.

Improving Information Systems Usability by Having a Technical Writer Facilitate Stakeholder Communication when Developing the Requirements Specification

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