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IWIPS 2004

Cyr, D., Ilsever, J., Bonanni, C. & J. Bowes

Website Design and Culture: An Empirical Investigation

DePalma, D.

Enterprises Without Borders

Dunckley, L. & K. Jheita

Formative Evaluation of International User Interfaces Based on Sorting Techniques

Gillham, R.

Towards a Strategic Model of Design Support for Localisation

Head, M.

Trust Through Humanized Design

Kralisch, A. & B. Berendt

Cultural Determinants of Search Behaviour on Websites

Kumar, V.

User Insights Tool: A Sharable Database for Global Research

Laight, S.

Aligning Your Warring Tribes: The Art of Managing Website Globalisation Projects

Mandl, T. & C. Womser-Hacker

Challenges for the Evaluation of Multilingual Information Retrieval Systems

Oshlyansky, L., Cairns, P. & K. Foy

User Centered Design and the Japanese User

Texin, T.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Going Global

Webster, W.R.

The International and the Personal: Designing Local Interfaces for Global Understanding

Yeo, A.W. & W. Loo

Identification and Evaluation of Classification Schemes: A User-Centred Approach

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