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IWIPS 2005

Abdelnour-Nocera, J. & L. Dunckley

Usefulness As a Social Construct: A Study of Cultural Contrasts between System Producers and Users

Cha, H., Oshlyansky, L. & P. Cairns

Mobile Phone Preferences and Values: The U.K. vs. Korea

Cruz, T. de la, Mandl, T. & Womser-Hacker, C.

Cultural Dependency of Quality Perception and Web Page Evaluation Guidelines: Results from a Survey

de Leur, K., Diehl, J.C. & H. Christiaans

Cross-Cultural Product Design: Understanding People from Different Cultural Backgrounds

de Wit, F., Diel, J.C. & F.A. Arts

How to Design Cultural Appropriate Web Sites for Knowledge Transfer: Understanding Preferences

el Said, G.R., Hone, K.S. & M. Ali

National Culture and Online Trust: A Study of Internet Egyptian Users

Fountain, L., Kupper, A. & B. Luff

Localisation versus Globalisation: Making the Trade-off

Gillham, R.

Diary Studies as a Tool for Efficient Cross-Cultural Design

Gould, E.

Cross-Cultural User-Interface Design: For Work, Home, and On the Way

Hariandja, J. & B. Daams

Cultural Differences in Product Use and User Needs: Cross-cultural Usability Testing of a Food Processor in Indonesia and the Netherlands

Heimgartner, R.

Research in Progress: Towards Cross-Cultural Adaptive Human-Machine-Interaction in Automotive Navigation Systems

Hofstede, G.

Culture’s Recent Consequences

Holscher, U., Liu, L., Gruchmann, T., Pantiskas, C. & S. Wilcox

Design of Medical Devices for International Market

Jordan, P.W.

Touchpoints of Consumer Experience: Creating Successful Products and Services for the International Mass Market

Jordan, P.W.

Designing Pleasurable Products: Timeless Laws and Current Trends

Khaled, R., Noble, J. & R. Biddle

An Analysis of Persuasive Technology Tool Strategies


When Culture Meets Technology and When Technology Meets Culture

Kortemann, M.

Cultural Background and Technology Acceptance: Evaluation of ICT Projects that Bridge the Digital Divide

Kralisch, A.

Information Exchange in Multilingual and Multicultural Virtual Communities

Schadewitz, N

Interaction and Interface Design Patterns for Intercultural Collaboration

Truc-Modica, C. & E. del Galdo

International User Testing

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