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Emerging Markets: Finding the Right Foot Hold


Prabhu, B., Prabhu, G., Arora, S. & A. Paranjape


The buzz word of today is “emerging markets” and especially the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries are the focus for most of the multinational organizations to extend their businesses and offerings into. With Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India going up in most business verticals, the forecast for the future foresees a growth and an increased return on investment. However, success for business ventures is directly dependent on the ground work that goes into understanding the fabric and the context of the addressable market. This involves understanding the needs of the various players within the ecosystem, the drivers that will influence adoption and implementation and the kind of collaboration that will make a solution self sustainable. Intel and HFI identified and explored the retail sector as one such sector in India, where growth, volume and needs intersect to offer an exciting opportunity space. This paper explains the business opportunity and the process for developing an appropriate solution for this segment.

Original publication:

Evers, V., Sturm, C., Rocha, M.A.M., Martinez, E.C. & T. Mandl. Designing for Global Markets 8, 31-39. 8th International Workshop on Internationalization of Products and Systems. Merida, Mexico. July 28-30, 2007.


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