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IWIPS 2011

Abdelnour, J. & Bidwell, N. & Winschiers-Theophilus, H

Re-Framing HCI through Local and Indigenous Perspectives

Baki. A. & Zhang, G.

What Trade History Reveals About the Internet,and How Ketchup Can Teach Us to do our Jobs Better

Bidwell, N & Lalmas, M & Marsden, G. & Dlutu, B. & Ntlangano, S. & Manjingolo, A., Tucker, W & Jones, M & Robinson, S. & Vartianinen, E. & Klampanos, I

Please call ME.N.U.4EVER: Designing for Callback in Rural Africa

Chavan, A.

Understanding Users in Emerging Markets – Is there a Genre of Methods?

Hassani, H. & Kareem, R.

Kurdish Text-to-Speech (KTTS)

Jupit, A & Minoi, J & Arnab, A & Yeao, A

Cross-cultural Awareness in Game-based Learning using a TPACK Approach

Khalid, H. & Prabhu, G & Yeo, A. & Helander, M. & Yahaya, M.

Product Globalization, EQUID, Cultural and Affective Design

Lee, D. & Smith, A & Mortimer, M

The Relevance of Hofstede Within the Global Software Development Community

Mahmud, M & Aliyu, M & Idyawati, H & Tap, A.

Proposing a Working Definition and Framework to Evaluate Islamic Website

Modgil, N.

Culture Specific Scale for Semi Urban and Rural India

Oyugi, C. & Smith, A. & Abdelnour, J

A Comparative Study on the Effect of Culture on High and Low-End Users from a Collectivistic Culture Group

Ressin, M. & Abdelnour, J. & Smith, A.

A Taxonomy of Software Localization Issues with Connections to the Development Process

Wong, C.

Involving Local Communities in Participatory Design Case Studies

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