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IWIPS 2001

del Galdo, E.

Internationalisation Then and Now

Dray, S.M.

Usable for the World: A Practical Guide to International User Studies

el Said, G.R. & K. Hone

Cross-Cultural Web Usability: An Exploration of the Experiences of Egyptian Users

Emrick, R.

The Whats and Hows of Internationalisation

Hall, P.

The Cross-Cultural Web

Ishida, R.

Challenges in Designing International User Information

Livermore, C. & J. Coronado

Growing Pains of Designing Global Products

Marcus, A.

Culture(s) in User Interface Design for the Web and Mobile Computing

Matthews, B.M., Miller, K., Ramfos, A., Ryssevik, J. & M.D. Wilson

Internationalising Data Access through LIMBER

Murphy, J.

Modeling ‘Designer – Tester – Subject’ Relationships in International Usability Testing

Putman, H.

Saddle: A User Interface Development Tool Designed for Localisation

Rejmer, P., Cooper, M. & J. Vanderdonckt

Lessons Learned from Internationalizing a Web Site Accessibility Evaluator

Rugg, G.

Linguistic Differences and Software Tools

Smith, A., French, T., Chang, Y. & M. McNeill

eCulture: A Comparative Study of eFinance Web Site Usability for Chinese and British Users

Web, D.B.

Case Studies in Globalization

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