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Past Workshops




IWIPS 2002

Ahonen, A., Ikonen, V. & E. Kaasinen

Localisation of Personal Navigation Products and Services

Asnes, A. & J. Hall

Workshop: Internationalization Assessment and Execution – How Do You Get There from Here?

Colyandro, H.

Doing Business with Mexico

Coronado, J. & C. Livermore

The Invisible Forces behind the Quest for Reaching Global Audiences

Creech, E.

Process and Tools for an i18n Conversion Assessment

French, T., Minocha, S. & A. Smith

eFinance Localisation: An Informal Analysis of Specific eCulture Attractors in Selected Indian and Taiwanese Sites

Jones, E.

Today’s Global Business Environment

Marcus, A.

Mapping User Interface Design to Culture Dimensions

Olcer, Sedef

How to Prepare a Localization Kit

Plocher, T., Goonetilleke, R.S., Yan, Z. & S-F.M. Liang

Time Orientation Across Cultures

Roese, K. & L. Liu

The Understanding of English Terms in Mainland China

Sturm, C.

TLCC – Towards a Framework for Systematic and Successful Product Internationalization

Tuffley, D.

Optimizing a Software Internationalization Curriculum

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